horse racing

Horse Racing – Betfair Trading

When we talk about betfair trading, Horse Racing is a term that is directly linked with that. But what is that and why does it have a significant expression on betfair trading?

Horse Racing is a business involving millions of Euros worldwide. There are people living from this like jockeys, horse trainers, field keepers, etc. It is a business mainly directed to betting related purposes because there is a very high demand from gamblers and also traders for these races for multiple reasons.

The reasons that mainly contribute for the people’ s interest on these specific events from all the rest of offer are because they provide:

  • Events Frequency
  • Market Liquidity
  • Statistic Information

On Betfair there are more than 100 horse-races everyday, divided by the +-10 “racing fields” across U.K and Ireland. This races are all synchronized by the organizations and promoters on the multiple racing fields so that on peak hours each event starts every like 5 minutes. This allows traders to be constantly trading, nonstop one race after the other, from like 1pm to 6pm which is the usual racing period, even on weekends!

As if all this events frequency wasn’t enough, the majority of this races also moves much much money. The majority of betfair’s markets associated with these races trade more than 500.000€ per race (yes, 500Ks !), however on the main events of the month, the trading usually reaches some insane 5 Million Euros just on a single race. If you were worried about low liquidity, i hope you got enlightened now.

All this trading liquidity and events frequency make possible to exist rich statistic information about everything on these races. From horses, to jockeys, not forgetting fields and also weather conditions, all this information related to previous races is available and you should analyze it and use it on your favor before you place your bets, unless of course you just want to simply gamble for fun.

Do you wanna give a try on horse racing? Why don’t start with a huge £20 bonus? Good luck!